Write with us

How can I join the writing team at Village Scribe?

One of the values that undergird Village Scribe diversity is to write across industries.



The main requirement for interested writers to submit a pitch is the ability to write succinctly, all-round knowledge of what they write about, and a short bio of themselves. Send your application to admin@myvillagescribe.com.

What are the steps to follow to pitch Village Scribe?


We seek writers who know how to research and come up with fresh content to make our clients happy. The process is simple:

  • Get the admin’s email (admin@myvillagescribe.com)
  • Pitch us with specifics of the topics you cover
  • Your first paragraph must include what you write about
  • Write how much you’d wish to be paid
  • Attach one of your best samples (just one)
  • Send and wait

How soon should I expect feedback on my pitch?

The editorial team will review the pitch and respond with the next steps within 10 working days. Only authors/writers of accepted pitches shall be contacted. If you have not heard from us after 14 days, you can email again to query the status of your pitch.



Your pitch may be rejected if your writing is not good enough or the subject you write about already has enough writers on the team.

What are the next steps for approved pitches?

Once the pitch has been approved, one of our editors shall respond to provide curatorial direction on the piece. The editor shall also provide timelines on when the piece is expected by the production team.

Does the Village Scribe pay?

We work with small businesses and so our commissioning budget is small. Payments discussion is done with each writer after a pitch has been approved for commissioning.



Later on, we’ll guide you on how to submit an invoice.



Payments are made within the first 10 days at the beginning of the new month for all articles published on the previous month.



If you are keen on writing for us, please submit your pitch to admin@myvillagescribe.com and we shall be in touch to discuss the next steps in detail.



Many thanks in advance:  The Editor in Chief