What’s the Use of Digital Piano Pedals

In summary, Digital piano pedals have the same functions as their acoustic counterparts. The “soft pedal” or “una corda pedal” is used to soften the sound of the notes being played. The “sustain pedal” sustains all the notes being played, creating a longer-lasting sound. And finally, the “sostenuto pedal” sustains only the notes being held down at the time of pressing, allowing for more control over sustained sounds.

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What’s the Use of Digital Piano Pedals in Detail

Digital piano pedals are designed to be a system of foot-operated levers that replicate the functions of acoustic piano pedals. The most common pedals found on a digital piano are the “soft pedal” or “una corda pedal,” the “sustain pedal,” and the “sostenuto pedal.”

Common Digital Piano Pedals

Most people only ever encounter four types of pedals which include the following:

Soft Pedal or Una Corda Pedal

This pedal, when pressed, changes the sound of the notes being played by making them softer and more subdued. On a traditional acoustic piano, pressing this pedal shifts the action slightly to one side, causing some of the hammers to strike fewer strings for a softer sound.

Sustain Pedal

You’ll hear it called Forte pedal or damper pedal too. Most commonly used, pressing this pedal sustains all notes currently being played and allows for the sound to continue even after the keys are released.

Sostenuto Pedal

This pedal sustains only the notes that are pressed at the time it is engaged, leaving all other notes unaffected. This can create unique and dynamic sustained effects in your playing.

Additional Uses of Digital Piano Pedals

In addition to these traditional uses, digital piano pedals can also often be programmed or assigned to perform various actions, such as adjusting the volume or tone of the instrument, changing the voice or sound effects being used, or even recording and playback capabilities.

Should I Invest in a Digital Piano Pedal?

Using these pedals can add a whole new level of expression and control to a digital piano, making them an essential piece of equipment for any serious musician. However, it is important to check and make sure that the digital piano you are using is compatible with pedals before investing in one.

Overall, incorporating a digital piano pedal into your set-up can greatly enhance your playing experience and take your music to the next level. As always, practice and experimentation are key to mastering the use of any new equipment.

Have Fun and Let Your Creativity Flow With Your Piano Pedals

Having your own pedals will allow you to add dynamic nuances to your playing, giving a more realistic and expressive sound. Go get yours and enjoy all there’s on your piano.

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