Safe Travel Destinations in Africa as you do Your Freelance Business

Freelance business is one of the few careers that allows you to move around the world as you work. As long as you make enough money, you can visit any place you wish. But while you do so, you need to be sure that you are safe, comfortable, healthy, and have access to electricity and the internet. 

Freelancers who love traveling have many places to visit around the world. Africa is often on most bucket lists. But with the misinformation that people have concerning this continent, many of us miss out on great traveling opportunities.

Why Travel to Africa?

Africa is a beautiful place. And it is safe than most people think. The wealth of culture, majestic wildlife, endless beaches, are just a few you will enjoy. Some of the reasons you should visit Africa include:

  1. Flourishing wildlife
  2. Breathtaking landmarks
  3. Attractive beaches
  4. Welcoming people and cultures
  5. Plenty of activities
  6. Prepared tourist hotels
  7. See the cradle of man
  8. Precious Safaris

Given that you still want to work at your leisure, you need to be in places where there is reliable internet. Even though most African countries have internet, some places have better coverage than others. You also don’t want a place with electricity shortages. That is why you need this list.

Safe Travel Destinations:


At the top of the list is Kenya. Kenya is a spectacular place from the city to the villages and the coastal beaches. The Capital city is right next to the national park, the museum is at the heart of Nairobi, and there are plenty of five-star hotels there. If you are moving away from the bustles of towns, you can go for a more relaxed atmosphere in the coastal region. There are stunning beaches where you can get almost anything you ask.

Bird watching is available in Nakuru. There is wildlife in the Masai Mara and other parks. Hot springs are present in Bogoria. Exploring marine life is not missing with numerous lakes in the rift valley. Mountain views are possible in central Kenya. We cannot forget to mention the loving people and their culture. The Maasai people are famous across the world with the preservation of their indigenous and rich culture.

The internet is stable and electricity available, particularly in hotels (where you’ll probably live). Arrange to have your visits between October and Match for the perfect experience.


Rwanda has transformed into a tourist destination welcoming thousands from around the world. You might have heard of the phrase “the land of a thousand hills”. That is Rwanda for you. You are guaranteed of beautiful and breathtaking sceneries and wildlife as well. Volcanoes National Park has mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Water activities like kayaking, boat tours, and fishing will work great when you are on a break.

The government in this country is taking development seriously and provides accommodation hotels, internet connectivity, and reliable electricity. Your freelance business will work well in this country.

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South Africa

South Africa is another country that has plenty of stuff you can enjoy as a tourist as you work. The coastal regions are packed with water activities. You can fish, enjoy the dunes, take boat rides, go kayaking, among others.

The parks contain extensive estuarine systems, availing animals with different backgrounds. There are also beautiful gardens with flora and fauna. Whether you want to stay in the cities or want remote areas, South Africa Won’t Disappoint. And for your freelance activities, there is no better place to be than this country.


If you want to enjoy desert life, Morocco is the best bet. It is safe and fairly developed. Those who have traveled to this country say there is a good balance of cultures in this place thanks to the proximity it has with Europe, the Arab residents, and African descent. It is a shoppers paradise allowing you to buy fashion and artworks among other items.

Morocco hosts nomadic cultures, which you can join as you take rides behind the backs of camels. If you want to try new foods, the Moroccan cuisine is available on stalls as you walk around the towns. 

This country also includes ancient constructions that you can tour. Ait Benhaddou is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can learn a thing or two. Music lovers are not left behind. The Fes Festival unites musicians from all over the world between May and June. They come together to celebrate the diversity and beauty of Africa.

Political stability has contributed to developments of infrastructure, which will go well with your freelance work.


Botswana offers arguably the best safari getaway for tourists. It includes a variety of experiences when it comes to wildlife and vegetation. National parks have a plethora of animals to show you. And culture and heritage sites are also present. Rock paintings from ancient days are there for you to see. The locals are expecting tourists and so are very welcoming. You will meet experienced tourist guides who will lead you in most places you go to.

During this travel period, choose to live in luxury lodges, camping grounds, luxury hotels, among other places. The infrastructure is good and so, your work won’t stagnate.

En Voyage!

If you are a freelance writer or any other freelance professional, Africa is a place to be. You will get places to continue with your work as you enjoy yourself. But be sure to check how much your trip will cost so you are sure you can afford it. Enjoy your tour!