20 SEO Tips for Freelance Writers (Infographic)

SEO Tips for Writers


Our SEO copywriting should target helping the end-user first before optimizing for search engines. Most importantly, you should not feed your ego. Here are 20 SEO tips for Freelance writers. Five first…

1. Have the keyword in the heading
2. Apply longtail keywords in subheadings
3. Use questions to trigger imagination and curiosity
4. Content should be targeted at helping the audience and thus must be relevant to their needs.
5. Your content needs to be more than 300 words to be picked by the SERPs

                   Then… (This blog is another great resource)

6. Engage the readers by telling stories, jokes, and quoting from experts
7. Use fonts that are readable
8. Buzzwords will just complicate your text. Avoid them
9. Be honest in whatever you choose to tell your audience
10. Use images and videos that relate to the content

       Afterward… (additional freelancing information)
11. Use your punctuation properly
12. Why are you writing your content? Be clear on this and say it
13. Use passive voice in your writing to pass your message to the reader
14. Edit your content several times until it’s perfect
15. Failure is part of the journey. Make the relevant corrections and move on. Don’t give up

Five More…

16. Make your content skimmable by using white space, subheadings, and segments
17. Do not stuff keywords in your content
18. Of course don’t plagiarize
19. Get your grammar right
20. Let every word you use be useful in delivering the message

To be effective as a freelance writer you have to implement most of these tips in your copy. Don’t forget that the consumer of your content is the first you should consider. Everything else will fall in place.

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